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25th Missionary Retreat

An Myeong-do Chungcheong Nam-do.  A 3hr-drive from Seoul and in a very remote area near the beach in middle west of Korea. The theme “Resurgence” meaning rebirth or revival, is very timely for all of missionaries.

As expected, the first day of the retreat is full of excitement, especially for the new missionaries. Reunited with their batchmates for the first time since they arrive in Korea,  there were laughter, hugs and tears of joy and occasional shouts everywhere.

The Sabbath was welcomed with praises and thanksgivings as missionaries participated in the Communion Service.

The second part of the Vesper program was a very inspiring and unique video presentation. It appeals to all missionaries to renew their commitment and dedication, not only in their ministry but most of all in their own spiritual growth. A reminder to all that our life is part of our ministry. While watching the video, the missionaries were writing down on a piece of post-it all their confessions and prayers. After which all went out to burn those papers, symbolizing the desire to be forgiven and be renewed in heart.

One of the most awaited part of the program, and first time in the history of missionaries retreat in Korea, is the Bible writing dedication program. 25th CV President Jeraeyzon Andoy together with the Officers and Representatives handed over the Bible to KUC Youth Director Pastor Kim Nak Yeong. It was an overwhelming experience. Finally, the fruit of all the missionaries’ hard work, dedication and commitment to write the Bible is now completed and dedicated to God.

The new 1000MM Director Pastor Park Kwang Soo is the guest speaker.

Everyone is so attentive listening to message.  He urged the missionaries to keep the missionary spirit ablaze and to be faithful in keeping their “post”,  their mission,  until it is accomplished.  He reminded them of the unselfish sacrifices and service that our Lord Jesus Christ has set as an example for all of us to follow.

The afternoon program was filled with praises to God through inspiring music and presentations prepared by each conference.

The afternoon program was followed by a sundown worship at the beach.

Sundown worship at the beach

The night’s program is also highly anticipated. Not only the elections of new set of Officers and Representatives, but the games and presentations as well.

26th Chosen Vessel Officers and Conference Representatives


A fun and memorable social night.


4 thoughts on “25th Missionary Retreat

  1. Thanks for documenting this ate Jen! I had wonderful time with the Missionaries.This fellowship made me feel I belong to a big family of God..

  2. The Lord needs young people like you to finish His work. May God bless you as you serve Him in this last days.

    • Thank you so much, Ma’am! We are happy to serve God using our God-given talents for the advancement of His work and to serve our fellowmen as well. God bless you, too!

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