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Bonuses and Other Stuff

by Melvin Baclay
There is no mistaking that God sends His missionaries to places as He sees fit. And if we choose to believe and obey, if we point our visual arrows upward first then sideward, we will be able to see things as God wants us to. It will then be easier for us to realize that every tough or challenging circumstance has its purpose and that every good one has its own purpose as well-with a bonus. No one can be more generous than God.

To be sent here in Korea means to fulfill our vow to go wherever God sends us. It also means to touch lives and be touched; to teach and be taught; to feel weak and be strengthened; to be humbled and be lifted up. It is like a jumbo box with everything in it: temptation and self-control; strengths and weaknesses; night and day; soft drinks and water; breakfast and sleep; exercise and sleep; GT and sleep; anger and patience; sticks and hugs; Facebook and sleep (oops!); and of course, stress. Inside also are the teachings, the learnings, the new friends, the culture adjustments, the students, the Bible studies, the language barrier, the missionary retreats, and the 24/7 Wi-Fi connection with a perfectly reliable signal and a direct connection to the Creator called PRAYER.

If your box has bigger and more unfavorable stuff inside, I’m sure prayer can take care of those. Remember, they are not just there for no reason. And if you remove negativity (a very destructive element) that blocks your good vision, you will be able to see that together with the jumbo box is another box wrapped in red with a gold ribbon (actually, you may choose your color) with the label- BONUS BOX.

I don’t know about you but inside my bonus box are the different tastes of kimchi, the six-month carpentry experience, the snow, the lovely flowers in spring, the colorful autumn leaves, my netbook, my key holder collection, my 300 plus (and still counting) Facebook friends, my hundreds of photos and many, many more.


Changbogo was a great Korean warrior and a hero. To commemorate his heroic deeds, Wando holds a festival named after him on every fifth month of the year.

Last Saturday, I watched a concert that featured the 70’s and 80’s country music as one of the highlights of the festival. After a few songs, the host came up the stage saying something I couldn’t understand. As soon as he stopped talking, the people faced the sea in silence as if anticipating a tsunami.

Then I heard a soft beating of the drum, which thrilled my nerves. Suddenly, a smashing sound hit our eardrums while our eyes were riveted to a series of blazing balls coming out of the sea like a fountain of colorful burning lights dancing in perfect rhythm with the beautiful music. Within a split second, an enormous fiery rocket popped from the sea with a whistling sound. It exploded in the air with a bang and the debris of gleaming lights were like stars in circular formation that spread like eagle’s wings and slowly vanished into the night sky. One after another they popped out. As long as the music lasted, the dancing of the stars that gave splendor to the deep sea and the dark sky went on and on. Then out of nowhere, a multicolored glowing bird came flying and swaying above the fountain of sparkling lights as though rejoicing for what could be seen underneath.

It was pyrotechnics in its psychedelic perfection! I wished it did not end, but it did. The night sky turned black again. The music stopped. And we were back to our senses once again after a half-hour of dumbfoundment and awe.
Then a thought hit me. There is a place prepared by my Father where the shining light from my Saviour’s glory radiates through the city of pure gold; where the angels blow the trumpets and sing a joyful melody as the saints march along the golden streets. It will not be just a thirty-minute man-made spectacle. It is going to be a heavenly reality that will never end. And it is my ultimate desire to be there. Let us work harder to help others be there, too.

3 thoughts on “Bonuses and Other Stuff

  1. I’ve got a lot of boxes too…the stuffs reach the brim so I started giving some of them…Praise God for this Melvs….

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