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by: Joyful Lazo

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”-1 John 4:8

LOVE — a short, yet powerful word.

Because of this…

a smile is worn on the face,
because of a sweet embrace;
a heart is soften
of a word gently spoken;
a face glows
and it always shows


a love sown in the heart
would brighten a day from the start.

What inspiring words you should say
But do we feel this everyday?
As we get up each morning and go to bed at night
Do we think of God’s love that we might show the light?

In every word uttered
Does it show we read God’s word?
As we spend our time
Do we reflect God’s love divine?

Missionaries we all are
Yet we have drifted afar!
We grasp those worldly pleasures,
Neglecting the heavenly treasures.

Every early morning of each day
God has a lot of things to say
But we just snuggled on our comfortable bed
Ignoring the words He had said.

God is longing for our attention
That we may earnestly fulfill His mission
He wants our hearts to be filled with love…
A love from God, a love from above.

“Only He who knew the height and depth of the love of God can make it known” (DA p. 22)

5 thoughts on “LOVE

    • You’re welcome vice.. That’s my favorite subject too..^^
      Praise God for that..Those words were from Him..:)

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