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When God Establishes

by Jovet Ballescas

“Then He said, ‘Behold, I have come to do Your will, O God.’ He takes away the first that He may establish the second.” Heb. 10:9

Have you lost something or someone dearest to you? Have you asked God WHY these things are happening to His people?

There is a missionary assigned in one of the most challenging mission fields in South Korea. He was living alone in a quiet, Eden-like country church that is surrounded by trees, hills and wild animals. But everything changed one day when one of his students gave him a pair of chicks to care for. This missionary found a company in his new pets. So he took care of those tiny and noisy yet cute creatures until they become mature roosters–ready for chicken adobo.

However, this missionary was shocked to see the feathers and heads of his pets left in their cages one morning. He asked God why He took away his partners in his mission field. So this missionary investigated and discovered that the dogs from the nearby factory were guilty of the crime. Out of his anger, he tried to seek revenge and justice.

The following night he made what was left of his pets as bait for the dogs to come back. His hours of waiting paid off. Out of the dark grassy area, the hungry dogs excitedly came back to finish their leftovers. With gnashing teeth and a baseball bat held tightly, this missionary was ready to strike the dogs down but his angels whispered to him not to do so. He lowered his bat and sought for God’s guidance.

The following day, a church elder came and the missionary told him what happened. So they approached the owner of those dogs. Upon hearing about it, the manager of that certain factory apologized for the damage and offered 150, 000 won for it. The church members and the missionary were happy and they purchased ten hens out of that amount. Because of that incident, this missionary learned how to completely trust God. He is also thankful for God established in him full dependence upon His plan.

This missionary is happy serving God in the same mission field. He is staying in a different building now but before he left his old place, he made friends with the factory manager and workers. He would also play and feed those dogs whenever they would come to visit his place.

That missionary is your humble servant, Jovet Ballescas from the 29th batch. My fellow workers of God, allow Him to take our priorities and let Him establish His will in us. Let’s thank Him for every circumstance that may come and trust Him of our futures, careers, partners in life. Let us let Him direct our course for He knows what’s best for you and me.


3 thoughts on “When God Establishes

  1. nice bro…God bless you and your chicks…hehhe…everything works together with god…this i strongly strongly believe…

      • Vice- nangandam najud ka daan sa tubag bout small g, bah…jejeje
        Mr Treasurer, this is really an inspiring article….mka relate jud ang mga missionary, basta mag basa lng sila…Praise God for this….

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