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Work NOT for Men

by Arlie Joy Mantos

“Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as working for the Lord not for men.” Col. 3:23

“Useless! Useless! Useless!” “Do I have to do this?” “Do I need to stay away from my family for all this?” “I think I don’t have anything to do here.” “I feel so tired of doing nothing.” “I want to do more for God. I want to be really busy in doing His work.”

Those were my thoughts on the second month of my stay in here. I was filled with loneliness, but God showed me that He loves me so much and He encourages me through His words in the Bible.

Working for God is not useless especially when you are working with Him and not thinking about pleasing others.

Though I feel like I am not doing anything here but I realized that just by being here I can let God use me to let other people see Him. And that is a great task to do…for God, with God!

3 thoughts on “Work NOT for Men

  1. Thanks for sharing this..That was my feeling before, when I was here for the first time.See? I’m still here now because I love Him..

    • God has placed us where we are because that’s the place where we can be of greatest blessing to others. The work we do may not be very visible to us and to others but it doesn’t matter at all as long as we do it for love and service to God. God sees. He is never blind to whatever we do for Him. We are useful… Thanks Joy for reminding us that we are such.

      • Thank you so much Joy for the wonderful message.
        It’s really inspiring. God bless!!!

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