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All It Takes is a Willing Heart

by Yla Oduca

“Blessed is the man whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God.” Psalm 146: 5

Have you ever felt so wistful and disappointed because you thought you don’t have the flair to be in the ministry? Have you ever felt that everything would be a mess once you step on a stage to preach, sing or even tell stories to kids? I have! But God still pushed me through in order to experience His goodness through faith, hope and obedience.

There were two young ladies who had been so close to each other since they were in college. They love roving around, exploring the wonders of God’s creation. They were not that active in church for they were both newly converted spiritually at that time. They thought they cannot do anything for the ministry since they were so shy and they did not have any experience in spreading the gospel. Their names were Ali and Nelly. They always attended the church services but were never given the chance to participate in special programs.

But all these changed when one day a certain man approached these ladies and told them, “How happy would our God be if you are willing to offer even just a little of what you have in His vineyard.”

Ali and Nelly felt God’s calling. After arranging for their travel, they found themselves in an institution (1000 MM campus) where young people are trained to be God’s faithful servants. They would pray together everyday, asking for the Lord’s conduct and for strength to surmount every difficulty throughout their spiritual endeavor.

They kept believing and trusting that there is victory if they just live it and hope for the Lord to help them. They might not have enough confidence and capability but they allowed themselves to be used in the ministry.

It might be so difficult at first, but like Ali and Nelly, just give it a try and have the willingness to do the task. And everything will be light and clear.


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