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Reaching Out in Times of Pain and Suffering

by Priscilla Panugao

An accident had brought me into a predicament that lasted for almost 10 days. During that whole time, I couldn’t walk. It was a situation that made me really long for a hand that I can hold on to or even just a voice whispering a prayer for me.

God gave me a character of accepting everything as a challenge. Pain and hardships could still leave me enjoying the situations–except those times.

Thinking about Jesus Christ’s sufferings, the cause of it (our sins) and His victory comforted me during those times. As I imagined how Christ overcame such things–the night of His betrayal and no one was there for Him, the beating, pricking and eventually nailing on the cross–encouraged me to fight the emotions and gave me strength to overcome such pains. But still, I couldn’t deny the feeling of being alone and the longing for someone to be there for me. So, I knelt down and pray.

Reaching out to my co-missionaries is, I believe, God’s answer to my prayer. He made me as SWKC Representative after that accident–the Holy Spirit led me into close companionship with others in Christ. He reminded me of many things as well such as:

GOD’s love book never logs off; He is always and actively online.

His care phone is ringing and calling us, not only once, so we can feel His presence all the time.

God wants us to reach out with each other. As the burning coals need to be gathered together to keep it on fire, our faith need to be gathered as well so each one of us has the power to conquer the blow of sufferings and the pull of temptations along our ways.

My fellow missionaries, God’s love is so great! He has chosen us for this wonderful mission to take His promise of hope to other nations (Isaiah 49.8), and let us experience the Joy that this promise brings–not only here but also in heaven. May we continually walk hand in hand, full of hope and love, as Jesus Christ did until He won the promise of victory on the cross.


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