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When the Enemy Strikes, GOD Cares

by Dovie May Paran

During my stay here for seven months, I could say that the enemy is really trying his best to break and destroy me. He used anything, anyone and any situation to make me give up my missionary life. Since I was in my mission field in the Philippines, he used the closest person to me to distract me in serving God. Honestly speaking, I almost did but not until I fell down on my knees and cried out to God saying, “Lord, I want to serve You. You know that. So please help me to overcome this.”

So God called me here as His way to rescue me from that situation and I was truly happy serving Him here. But the story doesn’t end there.

The enemy got jealous again and made a way to break me once more. Whenever I am happy and in good relations with my family and special one, he uses my students to make me cry and feel depressed and discouraged. Also, every time I’m good and happy with my students, the enemy uses another situation and person.

My aunt (whom I consider as my second mother) died last January and it really hurt me. I was thinking of going home but I know when I do that there would be some instances that would hinder me from going back here. Then I fell on my knees again and cried out loud to the Lord, asking Him to comfort me and hold me still. And He just did that. Though every night of that month until some nights now I still cry so hard to Him about that loss. But I am happy serving Him right now in this place.

Then the enemy is more furious that he decided to use one person that will really affect my service here. Then I told God about my feelings and also told Him, “I will choose You. I will serve You. So please help me in this.”

Then just last month we (I and that person) decided over things and now we are both happy. But then THE ENEMY STRIKED AGAIN. Last Saturday morning (June 4, 2011) my uncle died and problems arose in my family, which really troubled me here. But GOD CARES that He never lets me feel I’m alone. Instead, He sent people to make me happy and to comfort me. I know that after this there would still be other situations that I would have to face. But after all that has happened to me here, I am well assured that I have a POWERFUL and MIGHTY COMFORTER, HELPER, and SAVIOR that is in Heaven. As what the whole chapter of Psalm 91 and in Psalm 46:1 say,

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”


2 thoughts on “When the Enemy Strikes, GOD Cares

  1. I am sorry that loved ones in your life have passed. It seems that you are facing challenges in your missionary service. Cultural conflicts are natural when serving overseas. I pray that that your missionary service shows Christ’s love and enrichen your own spiritual walk.

  2. Wow…very inspiring life story…
    “A deep rooted relationship with God, can never be shaken by an enemy” ~ Lovrell Blanco

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