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Little is Much

by Ma. Charity Diong-an

“The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer.” Proverbs 30:25 (KJV)

Two weeks ago, we discussed about the ant’s life in our science class. As we studied together, I was reminded of our lives and I immediately compared ours to theirs.

When we examine the life of ants, we can say that it’s really amazing how these little creatures live and survive amidst the competition in the big world.

Here are some reasons to ponder on how little becomes much:

First, ants work hard even if nobody notices them. This is an exemplary attitude that we should follow. We should work for God even if nobody notices us.

Second, ants are tiny but they leave marks when they bite you. Even if the things we do are only small but as long as they are good, they will leave marks to those people whom we serve. Soon, our Heavenly Father will reward us.

Lastly, ants are united in everything they do. They work hand in hand for the benefit of their colony. So we, as God’s children, must work and be united in one purpose–to let others know about God.

Small they may be but they are able to store up foods that will make them happy up to the time of conflict (rainy season). In a more realistic view, we see ourselves as nothing. We might say, “I’m just a tiny piece in this vast universe, just like the ants.” But if we make use of the little things that we have–our talents, time and ourselves–and dedicate it for God’s work, we can help hasten the coming of the Lord by storing many souls in God’s storage room. It might be a long process, sacrifice and a long tiresome walk just like what the ants are doing, but in due time the work will be done and we will be happy that we are partakers of this big work that God had set before us.


One thought on “Little is Much

  1. Very nice!^_^ I remember the song entitled “Ordinary people” with a line…”Because little becomes much..as you place it in the Master’s hands…^_^ Thank you for this inspiring article.^_^

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