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Coping with Pain

by LP Amor Racoma

If you’ve been hurt by someone or something, how did you deal with or reacted to it? Did you plan on how to get even or utter nasty words for the person who’ve hurt you?

It is hard to live in this foreign country where racism exists. We often feel hurt if we hear some negative comments about us. We do hope they could also experience the same thing from other people; we don’t want to do the “getting even” by ourselves.

The different people we encounter everyday or the familiar folks we constantly deal with might hurt us through their actions or words that we lose focus on the things that we need to do. We can’t carry on with our tasks properly because there is pain in our hearts that could only be relieved by revenge. We even wish that they may somehow experience karma.

Sibyl McLendon, a writer, said that pain would help us grow. He even suggested that we have to forgive the person who have hurt or betrayed us so we could move on, or write down how we feel and burn the paper. It is best done if we could write down exactly how we feel, even the nasty words that we have in mind to release them.

Some people think that confrontation is a better way. I don’t really buy this idea because I might say words that would hurt the person. To avoid that person is not good either. How could the person feel that I am God’s daughter? I do believe that pain or hurt helps me grow.

As missionaries, we may have difficulty in dealing with others. Prayer is the best way ever. We could pray for that person but it would be best if we pray that God would change us and help us overcome such feelings. For sure, He would help us to love and somehow that person may realize that he is also God’s son.


One thought on “Coping with Pain

  1. Lagi te Amor noh?? Mka relate jud ko ay..
    Praying for other people would really ease the pain.
    This is really difficult and we really need God’s love growing in our hearts to overcome this.
    Thanks for sharing te. God bless..

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