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Reverse Psychology in the Classroom

by Julita Domagtoy (34th Batch)

 A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.  Proverbs 15:1

 Being a missionary teacher is not easy especially when you get to deal with naughty kids. You need to have a strategy on how to handle them.

 For my first five months of teaching, there were times when I couldn’t control my anger. But I would always keep in mind that I need to pray about my anger problem.

 I was given a partner two months ago and she would always tell me about reverse psychology. She told me it is Biblical. And so I decided to try it on the children. Instead of getting angry, I just smile, speak slowly, and praise the kids. I would often tell them that they are good and that is why they don’t have to act naughty.

My most mischievous student would always do things that would distract the whole class from our activities. Aside from creating distraction, he wouldn’t also want to listen to me but would just talk. There was a time when our topic was Is Your Father Proud of You? When it was his turn to answer the question, he was silent. Then I told him of his need to act like a good boy because I believe that in his heart he truly is. Moreover, I told him that being a good boy is the thing that would make his dad proud of him. After that, he would still do some mischief in class but I also never failed to praise his good side. One day, I was just surprised to see him behaving himself. I said to myself, “At last, he has proven my theory!”

 It never hurts to try focusing on the good. King Solomon’s wise words are still true today–even with impossible kids. And since we know that what goes around comes around, isn’t it nice to dish out only the good things in everything that we do?


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