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by Felia Bante (32nd Batch)

 The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. Psalms 34:17

There comes a time in our lives when we cry out of fear, sorrow or discouragement and we are tempted to think that God is distant and doesn’t seem to care. But our Almighty God is not deaf and is alive. Although we may not feel at times that He hears, but we claim to His promises in the Scriptures that He does. And so this song that God puts in my heart is a song about believing that God hears. 


In my depression I cried and saw

That no one’s there for me

My eyes wandered at an empty room

There’s no one else but me

No one to hear the teardrops

falling from my very eyes

So I called to my Shepherd

And tried if He could hear me



I lift up my voice and He hears me

He hears even my fainting cries

And the whispers of my heart

I don’t need to shout or scream and wonder

‘Cause He’s a God who hears

The words not even uttered or said


Like the air I cannot see Him

But I know He’s always there

Watching me with loving eyes

Although there’s an empty room I see

For when I close my eyes with faith

I see thousands of angels

I know He’ll be there for me

I know He’ll always hear me


God hears. He sees. He knows.


3 thoughts on “GOD HEARS

  1. i really like it twin^^
    wow..ur composition jud d i ni?
    wen i hear this before, abi nako’g from a professional..weeeehhh
    pwede n kaayo uie..

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