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Giving Our All for His Service

by Celle Bagnol (27th Batch)

  “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.” Psalm 28:7

It was really my dream to be employed and have a successful career right after my graduation, but sometimes our plans fail in order for God’s plans to succeed. We have our own plans and desires yet God knows exactly what He wants us to do so that we can be of great help in His ministry. Though I failed in my own plans, I just let Him lead me and I left everything in His care.

It was last 2006 when I found myself in the quiet campus of the 1000 Missionary Movement, wondering what on earth was I doing there when I never even thought of becoming a missionary. During my missionary training, I realized that the prayers I had were answered in a different way to fulfill the task He had given me.
I then learned that I have a great responsibility with the light He has shown me. I learned that I have a task that taught me to come out of my shell and tell the world about the wonderful love He has for me and the people around me. I need to tell them the joy of knowing and having Him.
Upon learning that I would be assigned in South Korea, I was filled with fear because I know I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t know how to preach, didn’t have the ability to give Bible studies nor even sing. But I entrusted everything to God, knowing that He placed me in my mission field because He wanted me to be there and that He would equip me in order to accomplish what He wants me to do.
I’m in my third mission field now and about to go home soon. All these years of serving God here in Korea has been so fulfilling and rewarding though it isn’t perfect and smooth as I would like it to be. I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. However, through those thorns, I learned to trust in God in everything and be fully dependent on Him.
My dear fellow missionaries, as we trudge along this path towards our heavenly destination, let us always ask for God’s power to be our armor as we press forward in our service for Him. He never promised us a wide and easy way, but instead assured us His faithfulness and loving-kindness.
Whatever circumstances you are facing now, be reminded that He has a great purpose for you to fulfill His work right where you are. Let’s keep on praying, being firm in our belief that His magnificent power and ever abiding presence are with us. Let’s believe that we can be living examples for the people we meet everyday.
“If we surrender our lives to His service, we can never be placed in a position for which God has not made provision. Whatever may be our situation, we have a Guide to direct our way; whatever our perplexities, we have a sure Counselor; whatever our sorrow, bereavement, or loneliness, we have a sympathizing Friend. if in ignorance we make missteps, Christ does not leave us. His voice, clear and distinct, is heard saying, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” – EGW, COL p. 173

2 thoughts on “Giving Our All for His Service

  1. I really like your Blog. I am new to wordpress and was looking around at different blogs. Yours is the first one I picked. I like what you said about going into the missions field. My wife and I felt the same. We are in the middle of selling our house and everything we own and moving to the Philippines. We are going to be the youth pastors and many other roles as well. When you ask God something you better get ready because He will answer. I had a feeling that came into my heart that I just knew moving to the Philippines is where He wanted me. Anyway thanks for sharing you thoughts

    In Christ we live

    • Hello Wilson!

      Nice to meet you!
      Thank you for visiting our blog! ~~^^* I admire and praise God for what you are doing in serving Him through mission works in the Philippines. We are also missionaries, but we’re assigned here in South Korea.

      Thank you for sharing God’s love and grace to our fellowmen…we really do appreciate it!
      God bless your kind heart and your ministry! ^^*

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