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Steadily Carrying On

by Rachel Aguilo (33rd Batch)

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5

Being a missionary and a teacher is not easy when it comes to dealing with children and also communicating with the people around you. I recently experienced being compared to other missionaries who had served before me. I was sad to hear those words and thought that maybe I should just go home. I even told my pastor that I have to go home. I am not that talented like the other missionaries who came before me. I also heard that some parents said I am not close to my students and that my students don’t enjoy studying English because they are bored. I tried to listen to some of the advices from friends and then I turned to read the Bible and prayed sincerely to my Saviour. He comforted me. I sought the Lord earnestly in my trouble and received consolation for I believe that Jesus loves even me.

My heart seemed to be completely shattered–I don’t have my laptop anymore and I don’t have people to talk to instantly at home because I live alone now. I don’t go online a lot these days. Having no Internet connection seemed to bother me at first but now I just tell myself to carry on. While I struggled with the decision whether to continue or not, I kept praying to our Lord to lead me in doing the things I have to do. God told me to sacrifice things that I don’t really need during my work and I did. I begged God to give me patience and wisdom for the betterment of my work in this place.

I try talking to my students more often now than before and now I make it a habit to play with them during class to keep them interested. I join them in watching English movies, playing word collapse, hangman, or anything they feel like playing so they won’t feel bored. I just make sure they get a good laugh. Now I am having a great time with my students and I hope to have a fun time with them everyday until I finish my second term, by God’s grace.


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