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As His Follower

by Gilmae Aguilos

 Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Ephesians 5:1

Being a missionary has been an amazing experience. At times the work is challenging but I am thankful that I already spent almost three years in service for Him. But I’m the kind of person that at hard times would tend to question my faith.

One of my students threw a rolled up paper directly to me, hitting me on the neck. And I asked him why he did that. He said, “Because you always let the others answer the questions though I was the one who raised my hand first.” He continued, “Even when we memorize sentences, this same thing happens.”

It was the same excuse I heard from this boy that entire week.

I didn’t try to argue with him. I was shocked and speechless. I didn’t know what to say and what to do so I prayed silently. After praying, I said, “I’m so sorry. I love you all. I had no intention of hurting you; I just want you to respect me as your teacher.”

At that time, I felt I shouldn’t be here. I was thinking, “If only I have money to just stay in the Philippines, I wouldn’t have to be here with these kids. But then I remembered, “OH NO! I’m not here for money; I’m here to serve God.”

So I told myself I’m not going to get discouraged about it. I will just hand this matter over to God and trust Him to take care of it.

There’s a quote from Hudson Taylor that gives me strength whenever I encounter some difficulties. It says: “God isn’t looking for a people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him.”

When the class was over, he said, “Teacher, I’m sorry.”

I nearly cried as he said that but also felt it wasn’t nice to cry in front of the students.

After several days, his mum called me up and said that I should be strict with them. It is definitely a struggle for me being an authority figure and a role model when at times I still feel like a child myself. I’m so tired of trying sometimes, but I would just tell myself, “I’m not going to give up. This is the task the Lord has set for me.”

We must give ourselves to God without reserve. Consider Jesus the greatest role model for us all. He did not consider any price too high to pay. I’ll just keep on praying that one day God will reveal the great and wonderful work He has done through my weak efforts.


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