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Receiving the Prize

by Riza Magramo (35th Batch)

Life, as they say, is like a three-ring circus: sometimes you’re up and sometimes you‘re down. However, we usually just take into account all the hard times that we have been through not counting the blessings we received–simple things that we take for granted, things that are freely given to us by God.

As I look back on my life’s journey as a missionary, I could say I had been in my tough times but God showed me the reason why all those things happened. He showed me that His way is the best way and I then realized that I’m wandering from His wisdom. I never dreamed of becoming a missionary nor of getting acquainted with it. I thought of myself as an unworthy person who doesn’t have the right to be in His army. But He proved me wrong. I thought I knew which way to go and I knew how to plot the course of my life. I figured I have to win the race with my own efforts alone. But when I asked myself what I really wanted out of life, God answered. Cor.9:24-27 says,

“You don’t run aimlessly but run and fight like a man to get the prize.”

I know then that God wanted me to win the prize–eternal life. My mission field is my students and all the people around me. By being compassionate to them, I know someday, somehow God is going to let those seeds grow in their hearts that they might open their eyes and call upon His name and surrender their lives to Him despite all the difficulties I have in being able to understand and in teaching them about God. I always hold on to the promise He has given me–that to receive the prize, walk, talk and work with Him and fight the battle for this battle is not mine alone but it is with Him and through Him that we are made more than conquerors.

Let’s run aiming for the prize that God wants us to win.


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