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No Worries

by Michael Villamor (34th Batch)
“Don’t worry.” This phrase is being repeated many times in the Bible, telling us how much God loves us. This phrase didn’t really mean so much to me until one of my students showed its real meaning.
Her name was Esther. She had a brother named John. Like their classmates, they were both noisy in my class, which annoyed me sometimes. After a few months, I noticed that both had stopped attending my class. So I asked their classmates as to where the two could have gone and why they weren’t in my class anymore. Nobody from the class knew and so they all just said, “We don’t know teacher.”
One day, my pastor told me something about Esther. He said that the little girl was sick and the doctors’ findings said that she had a tumor in her brain, which was the reason why the siblings couldn’t attend my class anymore.
I worried so much for Esther because she was too young (6 years old) to suffer that kind of illness. Then one day, I saw Esther in a baby stroller with her mom pushing it carefully. I greeted her mother and checked Esther in the stroller. Her head had grown bigger than normal because of the tumor in her brain. When I looked at her in the eyes and gently touched her face, she smiled at me. I almost cried and felt very sad watching her in that condition. Suddenly, she reached for my hand and hugged me as if she was telling me not to worry because everything is going to be alright.
Months had passed after that meeting and she died.
How many times would God remind us about the great things He can do for us? How many times would He remind us not to worry because everything is under His control? Philippians 4: 6-7 says,

“Do not worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need.”

 We need not to worry, my fellow missionaries. If we have Him, we’ve got everything.

One thought on “No Worries

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