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For Where Two Or Three

by Joyful Lazo (33rd Batch)

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 (NIV)

After writing this verse on the board, I asked my 23-year-old university student, “What can you say about this?”

Looking intently at the words on the board and looking at her Bible again, she said, “Teacher, I can understand the words but I can’t understand the whole sentence. Would you please explain it?”

Using simple words, I started explaining it to her. While I was still explaining, she suddenly said, “Oh Teacher! We are just two here in the classroom, and we are talking about God! So, God is here!”

I gently nodded and said, “Yes Jessica, God is here with us now.”

“Jessica, ddokbaro! (Jessica, straighten up!) God is here.” she told herself loudly.

Upon hearing those words from her, I came to think of myself. “God is also looking at me and knows all the things I do. Are my actions pleasing to God’s sight? Do I make him smile? Do I do my very best for Him?”

These questions are applicable for me and you.
Do we make God smile in the way we think, act and do?
In all our ways, let us be true
For God is watching me and you. 🙂


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