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Something in Common

by Darry Semillano

 “Now the multitude of those who believed were one heart and one soul; neither did anyone says that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common.” Acts 4:32

Looking back on my experiences, I could just simply recall the norms, ideas, beliefs and culture I have learned. I always appreciate how God leads my life into wonderful opportunities through which I can expose myself in various situations. Being a part of His ministry, particularly as a missionary, is a rare blessing. While I am teaching kids, young people, and parents alike, it gives me a good advantage in discovering amazing things that I have not encountered before. You see, in my country I am not used to bowing when I greet people. I felt awkward whenever I enter the church and have to take my shoes off. I was intimidated when I couldn’t pick up rice and viands with the so-called chopsticks. I wondered how Koreans could eat their famous kimchi dish because it smells awful. As time passed I have learned to like eating it though.

I can go on and on, telling you how different and difficult it is being here. It may sound like I have prejudices in the way I look at things. However, no matter how I enumerate these differences there would always be commonalities between us. There is something in common about life that we can notice. Through these commonalities, I am able to build friendships with people around me unconsciously. I found out that it is not that hard to win their interest and sympathy. Given this fact, I can just gradually introduce Jesus to them. Isn’t it amazing, that when we notice the things we have in common, it works as a bridge that makes a way to their hearts, leading them to Jesus’ feet?

God has a thousand ways to reach the heart of His people. One of the best ways we have to do is to think about Him all the time and everything will just follow smoothly.


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