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What Can I Do for You, Lord?

by Zenia Dee Cortez

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus, concerning you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV

For most of us, it is difficult to give thanks in a bad situation but I learned that God’s ways are higher than our ways.

When I was assigned as a missionary in Daejeon Sahmyook Elementary School, I would always ask God a lot of WHYs. (Why did You assign me in this school Lord? I don’t know how to teach. Why did You allow me to live with this family? We don’t understand each other and they are manipulating me. Why, why, why?)

When I went back to the Philippines, I took up a degree in Education and majored in English. My professor told me that I should major in pre-school because I’m good with children. She saw my gift which I never thought I possess. Praise God that I followed her advice!

I wasn’t able to finish my schooling for I went to Qatar to work as a caregiver. While working, the daughter of my patient oppressed me. I told God that if He could let me go home unharmed, I would join the 1000 Missionary Movement again. One day, this woman got angry to almost everybody and she said that Filipinas only like men. I blurted out, “Not all”. She got so mad at me that she dragged me out of their house. I had no slippers while walking to my employer’s house (her brother). It was a hot, Friday noon. I didn’t have lunch yet because I was feeding their mom. The next day, my employer got a ticket for me to go back home. Even though my employer wanted me to stay longer and work for his family, I decided to leave.

Again, I experienced God’s grace after I re-applied as a missionary. While waiting for more than a year to be re-assigned here in Korea, I went back to school, met new friends and took care of my mom. When my partner and I arrived at our mission field, the first thing we did was kneel and pray. God is good. He prepared our mission field for us.

There are a lot of challenges that I am facing now in my new mission field but I learned to let go and let God do things for me. Looking back, reality overwhelms me. God had placed me in those situations to refine my character, humble me, let me discover my gift and make me a better person, a better missionary in His vineyard

I learned that God’s plan for us is to be like His Son Jesus. Instead of asking why, ask: What can I do for You Lord? As missionaries, we should grow in Christ and put on His robe of righteousness so that others may see Jesus in our lives. We are God’s love letter to the world. Our life should reflect how good God is even in a very difficult situation.

God bless us all.


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