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You Don’t Have to Endure Alone

by Victoria Acoymo (35th Batch)

  Give all your worries & cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you. 1 Peter 5: 7 (NLT)

Serving God in this foreign land has been the most challenging task I have ever encountered so far. First, I had to give up many comforts and learn how to adapt to this new society as well as to the culture and behaviors of the people around me. During my first three months in my mission field, I struggled and had some difficulties dealing with different situations. Sometimes I cried and longed to be home again. I prayed to God that He would give me a humble spirit and the willingness to serve Him and the people.

When winter came, more problems and worries clouded my mind. I was worried about my health; I wondered whether I could survive the cold. My room was not always warm because they didn’t always allow me to use heater since gasoline is expensive. So I just used my bed and blankets to stay warm but those weren’t enough to comfort my shivering body. I cried as I prayed to God asking Him to shield me with His mighty wings that I may be able to endure and stay alive until the morning. I experienced the same situation over and over but God helped me overcome it.

Winter had passed and summer came. Our enemy was trying to tempt me again. I almost gave up and decided to go home. But the Lord reminded me the sufferings He bore at the cross. I began to recall all the good things that He has done in my life. When I was in the missionary training, my father suffered with cancer on its 4th stage. I begged Him to heal my father and He did. He gave my father a new life. Then He allowed me to be here to continue serving Him. Thinking about these blessings lightened my burdens and my troubled heart and eventually helped me realize that God really cares despite the hardships and difficulties I’ve met.

If we only keep looking up, not down at our difficulties, we will not faint on the way. We will soon see Jesus reaching His hand to help us, and we just only have to reach out in simple confidence and let Him lead us. As our trust in Him grows, our faith and hope will grow as well.

Now my one-year term is almost over. I thanked God for giving me these experiences, which enable me to grow more in faith and teach me to put my trust and confidence in Him.
Jesus has His own way of making you smile, especially at times when you want to give up and lose hope. Certain surprises would come your way and make you rise and keep going on.

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