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SMILE – Part 1

by Uzzie Kirby Buhia (33rd Batch)

And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. (1 John 3:22 KJV)

How could I understand them? I didn’t know the words they were uttering. All of them can’t speak English. I wanted to comprehend their language but I could not.

Those were just some of my concerns as I contemplated on the fact that living in a foreign land is one of the toughest challenges one could ever experience.

I live alone in my apartment. At first, I didn’t have kitchen utensils, winter clothes, and a much-needed closet. (I could not just put my clothes on the floor or everywhere. I was thinking I would just put them all together in a box.) But through faith, I prayed to God and submitted all my needs to Him.

Everyday I have noticed these six senior citizens, aging from 55 to 85, sitting in front of my apartment. What I did was to always greet them with a “Great morning!” coupled with the sweetest smile I could ever produce– a molar to molar smile! I would often drop by and talk to them for a while even though I do not know their language. I would just nod, pretending I could understand what they were talking about.

One bright Sunday morning, an old woman who was also with the elderly group called me and said something I didn’t understand. As our conversation went on, I got scared because her voice rose and it seemed like she was angry. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to get into her house. My heart beat faster like I’ve just run a five-kilometer race. I said, “Wait, I need an interpreter,” because I didn’t know what was going on. I called my friend and asked for help.

Finally, I understood what she was trying to tell me: “Why are you so afraid to come to my house? I will not harm you; you are in good hands. As I observe you everyday, I feel light and comfortable. What attracts me most is the way you smile every time we meet. I have something for you. I know you need these. Follow me.”

When my friend and I  entered her house, she showed me a beautiful expensive closet and a winter coat. She said, “I’m old; I don’t know when I will die. I don’t need these anymore. These are all for you.”

I was speechless at that time. I did not expect that would happen. The other grandmas gave me kitchen utensils, plates, tissue paper, rice and more.

We need to remember that God created our lips to smile. There is a magical formula found in our smiles. The more we practice our smiles, the easier it is for us to use them.

Always wear your smile!


3 thoughts on “SMILE – Part 1

  1. Smile is the only curve that makes everything straight! cool… Praise God for giving us the lips to smile…

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