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26th Foreign Missionaries’ Spiritual Retreat

It was a spirit-filled weekend for the missionaries, pastors, and some visitors as they gathered at Madalphy Youth Training Center in Daejeon, South Korea for the annual missionaries’ retreat.

This year’s theme was Growing Like Jesus and is aimed at reviving the message found in Luke 2:52. All programs throughout the weekend were very wonderful and became blessings to everyone present.

Several pastors also attended the 26th gathering of foreign missionaries to share spiritual insights and inspiring words.

Pastor Oh Beom Seok, WCKC Youth Director, stressed in his message during the vesper service the Goliaths in our lives and how we can triumphantly overcome them like the conqueror David.

During the divine worship, Pastor Park Kwang Soo, 1000 MM Director, imparted the secrets on how to grow like Jesus in our daily Christian walk. He also led the dedication of the CV’s Bible writing term project. According to him, “Every person who has a Bible becomes a Christian; every Christian who reads the Bible becomes an Adventist; and, every Adventist who writes the Bible becomes a missionary.”

Pastor Lee Eun Sup, 1000 MM Associate Director, also inspired the missionaries through his message and uplifting words during the AY program. He re-emphasized the importance of being fervent in working as an army of God in a foreign land.

We bring back all the glory to God for the success of the programs and the blessings brought about by the retreat.

-Cherrie Mae Aguila

For more photos, please visit the 26th FMSR, under Gallery

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