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Quite Convenient

by Margie Mae Pomoy (36th Batch)

As a missionary in South Korea, I would often think of what I have been doing. I mean, I don’t get to visit houses; I don’t speak their language; and, I don’t even get to give Bible studies.

Here’s what I get to do. I get to go “ukay-ukay”  shopping in Dongmyo, go out and eat good food, visit my co-missionaries nearby, have free and fast Internet connection.

I also teach English to kindergarten kids on Mondays to Saturdays, sing action songs with them, listen to Korean sermons (which I don’t understand) during worship services, and clean the toilet and classroom.

Moreover, I get more than enough stipend and I get to have a good place to sleep.

It’s kind of convenient, isn’t it?

So I thought, “Is this how a missionary should be?”

My perception of a missionary life is that it’s full of sacrifices and hardships and yet it is enjoyable–that I would live in a simple house, get a little stipend, pump or fetch water for cooking and bathing.

I imagine that it is the kind of life where I walk around and talk to people, visit their houses and give them Bible studies.

I could go on and on, but then I thought, “To be considered a good missionary, does it really matter if I live a very simple life or a convenient life?”

I kept praying about it and God used this to give me the fitting answer:

“There are many who have given themselves to Christ, yet who see no opportunity of doing a large work or making great sacrifices in His service. These may find comfort in the thought that it is not necessarily the martyr’s self-surrender which is most acceptable to God; it may not be the missionary who has daily faced danger and death that stands highest in heaven’s records. The Christian who is such in his private life, in the daily surrender of self, in sincerity of purpose and purity of thought, in meekness under provocation, in faith and piety, in fidelity in that which is least, the one who in the home life represents the character of Christ—such a one may in the sight of God be more precious than even the world-renowned missionary or martyr.” {E.G. White, Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 403}

Yes, a missionary’s life in Korea may be comfortable and convenient but if I represent the character of God in my home, in my workplace, or wherever I am, then I am more precious than even the world’s most famous missionary or martyr in the sight of God.

Dear Lord, please help me learn to control myself amidst the comforts of this life. Mold me and make me like You each day that I may represent You every single day. Amen.


One thought on “Quite Convenient

  1. Amen Margie dear for that prayer!!! He, indeed, answers the earnest plea of a sinner like you and me to be more and more like Him everyday!!! *^_^*

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