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Choose Love

by Cherrie Mae Aguila (34th Batch)

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; (Romans 12:10 KJV)

Ji hoon is my cute five-year-old neighbor. We often spend time together riding our bicycles down the streets of our neighborhood, playing with his robots or checking out interesting story books.

He would always ask me for some candies or cookies whenever we see each other. And I also love spoiling him with these little treats whenever I can. We are best friends–with me as the constant giver and him as the perpetual receiver.

But he surprised me one time.

As I entered the main door of our church one Friday night, Ji hoon came running to me with sparkling eyes and a soft, chewy candy in one hand. He was excited to show me his treasure. I acted surprised and envious then asked him to give me one, too. He replied, “Oppso, teacher.”

I told him it was okay and that I really didn’t want a candy. Then I proceeded on arranging slippers near the door. To my surprise, he tugged at my leg and demanded that I turn around. He then bit a half of his soft candy and handed me the other half. My heart melted.

Most of the time, people respond to our actions in the same way we respond to theirs.

Everyday is a chance for us to show love. Let’s try to give out the good and the beautiful to others whenever we can. Let’s do this not because we also want to have good things in return, but because this is what being a Christian is all about.


4 thoughts on “Choose Love

  1. Thanks for sharing, Che! I also have students like Ji Hoon. Their love is so pure and innocent. Like they said, if you want to learn unselfish love, then learn from a child^^*
    God bless you in your ministry, Che!

    • Thanks a lot, too te Jen…Yes, kids are very good sources of humor and heart warming tidbits of life as well.

      God bless you always! Please know that ‘a daily thank you’ for your continuous effort is an understatement.

  2. Kids expresses the most innocent and pure kind of love. Thank you gang for this*^_^* And praise God for this blessing!!!

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