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Little Impressions are Great

by Jenelyn Balagot (35th Batch)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 KJV)

A call to serve in South Korea is indeed a blessing from God. But staying in this country with a different language and culture gives a little struggle, but I still thank God for He is always there to help me.\

I am glad to be a witness for Jesus in this country through teaching the English language. It has been almost two years of staying in my assigned church and I thank the Lord that He guides me everyday in my teaching.

When I first started to teach the students, it was so hard that the words I uttered weren’t understood. Plus, they were so naughty. I have to think of some ways on how to get their attention. I thought of teaching them some songs with action; songs that are sang in the church.  I found out that they love singing.  I was only given about 50 minutes for each class, and if we would start singing, the children wouldn’t stop and they would request for more songs again and again.

After singing, we pray. This is our routine. I didn’t know what has gotten into me one time that I forgot to pray for our class.  One boy noticed it and he called me with a loud voice saying, “Teacher, Pray!”

I felt so touched and moved, telling God how thankful I am that by those simple ways I am already doing my work as a missionary.  My students are not Seventh-Day Adventists. Some of them don’t believe in God but the songs and prayers leave impressions in their lives and they learn of Jesus, too.

I believe that a child’s second home is the school.  It is where they spend most of their time learning, (although not really about Jesus in schools without Bible classes).

Those simple songs and prayers we teach to them are being imparted in their hearts and minds.  Children are good imitators of things whether they be right or wrong. I always pray to God that those things they have learned will shine in their hearts as they grow. I have a very limited time to be with them, but I have faith in God that He’ll do the rest of the work.


3 thoughts on “Little Impressions are Great

  1. I had the same experience Jen..But to worst, she said, ” Teacher is bad.” I ask why, “Because you didn’t pray when we start class”. I felt bad, so I said, we will pray before before our class ends. kkk

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