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As Salt

by Abegail Flores (36th Batch)

Our attitudes and actions can cleanse and season and purify our surroundings. When we respond graciously to someone who is ungracious, we season our world with salt. When we treat an irritable child with kindness, we season our homes with salt. When we comfort the hurt, console the lonely, encourage the discouraged or calm the unsettled, we season our world with salt. As followers of Christ, we are salt shakers, busy sprinkling our world with the salt that flavors life.  — Women of the Bible, p.43. Ann Sprangler and Jean E. Syswerd

In the Gospel books, Jesus told us to remember that as believers, we are the salt of the earth.

Working for the Lord as a missionary in this foreign land is one of my greatest achievements. Isn’t it wonderful? Thanks be to our mighty, loving God for this chance to be a salt shaker in my daily interactions with the people around me.

Praying is the first thing I do as I rise up each morning. Then I spend an hour studying God’s word. Knowing that God is with me throughout the day somehow eases my working days. After I’m done with my early Godly time, I would hurry to assist the students in the school cafeteria for our breakfast meals. Even though I don’t know how to cook their meals, I still want to help and learn the Korean way of cooking. It’s very interesting! After our meals, I would prepare myself and my lessons in class. I also usually read informative books every day.

During my classes, I really enjoy studying with my students. I appreciate their effort in doing their best to learn English. They always try to speak out during our conversation classes and lead out in praying. They are shy and would often laugh at the way they speak, but I always encourage them. I have observed that my students are challenged to learn more, happy, and progressing each day. Praise be to God!

My teaching experiences have blessed me in many ways. I learned to be firm in giving instructions to my students. I learned patience. I learned how to manage my students’ various behaviors in class. Also, I gained more knowledge through our activities.

With my daily experiences so far, I can see that Jesus wants me to experience even a bit of the way He taught while He was here on earth before.

As the salt of the earth, let’s go about enriching the lives of the people around us, thereby letting them see Jesus through our actions.

Be a salt shaker–always busy sprinkling!


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