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A Countenance that Shines

by Ermy Opon (36th Batch)

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matt. 5:14–16.

As we were waiting for the bus heading to our mission fields, an old frail woman approached us and spoke to us in Hangeul. She was carrying two plastic bags of kimchi. I didn’t expect that she would sell it to us (me and another missionary).

At first I hesitated to buy, but she insisted. I was moved by her words when she said, “Haraboji appuh…” (grandpa is sick) and pleaded that we buy her kimchi. We then made up our minds to help her. She was so thrilled when we bought her kimchi. She then hurriedly bought a ticket going to her home.

I was so astonished that she came to us for help when in fact there were other passengers sitting around. We are the only ones she approached! It might be that she thought, “These ladies could really help me.”

And how right she was!

Through our countenance others can see goodness and Christ. If we are bearing the face of Jesus, it automatically shines out and radiates to others.


2 thoughts on “A Countenance that Shines

  1. I also wonder about this experiences..cause there are times that even when i don’t know the person,he/she will greet me and would even talk to me..feeling so comfortable sharing their life with me..^^

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