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Beautiful Feet

by Genalyn Tonacao (37th Batch)

And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! Romans 10:15

South Korea has one of the most organized and systematic way of transportation. It is one of the reasons why life here is easier.

It was during winter when I first stepped on this land. I was quite afraid on how to get around. I am given only a little money to spend and if I would take a bus everyday from my home to the church, I won’t have anything left for my other needs. I then decided to walk, enduring the freezing weather for around 30-45 minutes daily.

I have a long walk to make every day, but it is what makes me happy and satisfied. It makes me feel that I am really doing my mission here in this foreign land. As I walk each day, I often pass people along the way and I would always give them my sweetest smile whenever I can. It is by walking that I bring the good news to those who haven’t known it yet. It is where I could make myself common to the eyes of others.

Quite recently, on my way home, an elderly man asked why he keeps on seeing me walk by every time. Once on my way to church, I have talked with a high school foreign teacher and a group of young ladies as well. They asked me of my work and my life. I just responded with a smile and told them that I’m a missionary here in Korea.

By means of walking, I bear the mark of being a missionary. Though I had a recent operation because of the lump that had grown on the sole of my foot, I’m still happy walking for the Lord. For it is then that I could share the gospel, making myself an open Bible for them to read.

Lord, help me to become an open Bible for others as I walk each day.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Feet

    • Thanks te dar..this experience just remind me of the kulitan we had in the philippines when i quoted the verse in the Bible ‘panlakaw kamu ug iwali sa tibook kalibutan’..i then added..’wala man giingon panakay kamu..hehehe’^^

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