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That Awesome Power of Prayer

by Julius Francis Requina (36th Batch)

This is a story about a student and a teacher’s prayer.

She said that she was tired of studying and she doesn’t want to study English anymore. She told me that I should leave her alone.

I agreed.

It might sound simple, but things didn’t turn out quite simple as that.

I consented her request of not bothering her with English lessons, but the thing is, she’s bothering my class. She would turn on her phone sometimes, playing loud music even if we were in the middle of our class activities. There were times when she would shout just to get the attention of her classmates. In short, she was a trouble maker and she didn’t respect anybody, especially me as her teacher.

I told this problem to my co-teacher, hoping that she could help but she just said, “Teacher, please have more patience with her because I know her family–her parents are very busy and they don’t have time for her and I think she just wants some attention.”

She added that the girl is now in her puberty period and has hormonal changes that also affect her current disposition.

Well, that made sense to me for I also passed this experience of having an identity crisis. Most of all, I remembered that I’m here to help them. After all, I’m a missionary teacher.

As I observed the girl, I noticed that she is smart and that she just needs some guidance from someone whom she trusts.

As time passed, the problem got worse. She became noisier and destructive that the whole class was affected. She is the kind of girl who takes what she wants and if she can’t have it, she is willing to shake the earth just to get the world’s attention.

I turned her over to my co-teacher because I couldn’t handle her attitude any longer. But after a week, my co-teacher also gave up on her. The problem got so bad that there came a point when we decided to let go of her that she may attend another children center. But after some consideration, we concluded that the idea of letting her go wasn’t good. So, we had a heart to heart talk with the girl and prayed with her at once.

At that moment, I remembered that Jesus has promised us something about prayer. Matthew 21:22 says,

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

And from that moment on, I would always include her in my prayers. To my surprise, we noticed some changes in her attitude after a few days. She became more courteous and kind. Not only that, but for the first time she came to me and said, “Teacher, I want to study with you and I’m sorry.”

She added that she would be a good girl from that day on.

I then realized that it was the power of prayer! Moreover, things are really getting better for she’s now one of the sweetest students I’ve ever had.

God really does what He promised to us. Now, I’m more convinced of the line, “More prayer more power.”

Prayer is the most powerful thing in this world. So, whatever problem that bothers you right now, just take it to the Lord in prayer and you will surely experience His power!


6 thoughts on “That Awesome Power of Prayer

  1. Big AMEN!!!! Praise the Lord for this Julius!!!
    Prayer is the breathe of the soul. It is the secret of spiritual power…

  2. This reminds me of the time that i worry and complain about things i couldn’t handle so much..but God would always remind me always..why worry if you can pray..which means there is power in prayer..^^

    • God’s promises are true! And you know, we’ve come this far by faith! so let’s claim His promise and enjoy God’s love everyday of our lives..:-)

  3. It also reminds me of being impatient to my nephew, because he is very hyper and sometimes he doesn’t listen to. So sometimes i lose my patient, so i give him some punishment so that he will remember his mistakes, but it gets worst. now i was inspire to your experience bro because you never give up but instead you pray for her…. so its a God’s answered prayer maybe i’ll do it too… God you bro………

    • Thanks bro’… you know, we can’t escape from problems and troubles because it’s part of our lives but the good thing is,. no matter how BIG the problem!… we can easily give it all to God through prayer and supplications and He’s always there to answer our needs! Just remember our chanting… PRAY! More!… God Bless you bro’

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