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(Not) Alone

by Julita Domagtoy (34th Batch)

I believe that at some point of our lives we have experienced feeling so alone.

I am happy working for God but there are times when I would ask myself why my experiences are very similar–in different field assignments, my partners had left me behind (not because of negative reasons though).

This led me to ask why God wants me to be alone in my mission field. Personally, I don’t like the absence of people around me especially in this foreign land.

Working with God for three years now, it is only this time that I’ve understood why God has permitted me to be alone. He wants me to be stronger and to stand firm all by myself through His guidance in every circumstance.

Loneliness and homesickness might be our worst trials as missionaries here, but our wise God uses them as a way for us to grow spiritually and be closer to Him. God wants us to walk with Him daily and make Him our source of strength, echoing what Paul says in  Philippians 4:13

 I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

Some of us may be all alone physically, but it is comforting to know that God is our powerful Companion and great Partner.


2 thoughts on “(Not) Alone

  1. I agree Darlyn^^*
    I feel that same way, too, even though I have 2 partners. Sometimes God uses loneliness to teach us the importance of the opposite. For us to feel and understand other people who are also going through the same situation as ours.
    For me, I use this situation to better and develop myself.
    Tnx for sharing Julita. God bless you more!

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