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Let Go and Let God

by Journette Vernadawn Dando (29th Batch)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

My own experience brought me exactly to where I am today. Before I became a missionary, I tried to find a job in Manila by chance. Because I was a fresh graduate and had no work experience, I had difficulty finding the right one. So I prayed everyday, asking God to help me find a job. A few days later, my aunt told me that one of her friends was looking for a “clinician” (caters to outpatient department clients and promotes pediatric products) at Philippine General Hospital, thus she referred me to him. Since the job would not compromise my Sabbath keeping, I accepted it without any reservations.

After my contract as a clinician, I applied as a medical representative. Because of my previous experience, it was no longer difficult for me to get the position. Although those occupations were not relevant to my line of educational degree, I grabbed the opportunity. I became more acquainted with my work; I gained friends; and, I learned to love it. However, it was not permanent. So after the term, for me to be more productive, I worked as an elevator operator for a month while waiting for another response to my application. After that, I was given a chance to be employed again as a medical representative. Unfortunately, I was asked to report every Saturday. Although disappointed, I realized that it was not the job God wanted me to have.

I decided to go back home in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, while planning what to do next. While on vacation, I was given an opportunity to be involved in a small group of young people who conducted an evangelistic crusade in a remote area at Marcos, Ilocos Norte. The group was able to bring 50 precious souls to Jesus a month after. I was exceedingly glad that I became part of a very successful evangelistic effort of that group. They were still young but were very willing to work diligently in God’s vineyard. Our leader, who was a former senior missionary, encouraged me to join the 1000 Missionary Movement. That was then the start of my journey as a missionary.

So far, I have learned that in life, when there are times that we fail in our expectations or we do not always understand why God allows certain things to happen to us, we just have to “let go and let God“ execute the things that did not work out. God has always something in store for our future. Small things fail to happen so that greater things can prevail. We just have to keep on praying, keep believing, and keep hoping. Proverbs 20:24 says, “Since the Lord is directing our steps, why do we try to figure out everything that happens along the way?”

As the saying goes, “Our lives may not be going the way we planned it, but it is going exactly the way God planned it, because nothing we have done or haven’t done can cancel us from our destiny as long as we choose to put Him first place in our lives.”

May we ever be found trusting His heart, letting go of futile personal plans, and letting God lead us on to becoming the best person HE wants us to be.


One thought on “Let Go and Let God

  1. Amen!!! God calls us in such a time that we less expect it… His ways are always the best… Stay connected at the cloud that guides your steps toward the ultimate work that you are about to accomplish before the time tick to its final hour… God bless and more power!!!

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