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Greater Than My Worries

by Franco Caballero (35th Batch)

 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Upon coming to Korea, my companions already knew what kind of places their respective mission fields are-–either a school or a church. But as for me, I really did not have any idea as to where and what my mission field would be. I had this big “question mark” that translated to: Is it in an urban or in a rural area? Is it a school or a church? This uncertainty worried me.

I still had the worry when I finally set my foot on this new country. When I arrived at my mission field, I was shocked! All I saw were trafficking mountains, proud trees, and vast farms. Transportation was almost impossible. I was in the middle of nowhere ’til I realized that I was actually at the center of God’s leading arms.

I realized that God has given me such a wonderful mission field–far from the lures of the world, helping make my faith grow stronger.

My church in Dueum is totally different from any other churches. They have a passion for Christ. I can feel the solemnity of the worship; I can feel the presence of God. Knowing this, I told myself to be grateful. God has purposely sent me here to serve my Korean brothers. Serving God in this place is wonderful.

But by what service? I know nothing.

However, God is the Provider of all. He gives each person talents. He has given me the talent to teach English, and so I began to understand His wonderful grace  and the reason why He has put me in this kind of place.

He chose the very best mission field for me. My worries were gone and I gained the confidence to face the worries of life.

Now, I take courage in doing my task for what I know is that God is there in times of need.


One thought on “Greater Than My Worries

  1. Amen for this Franky!!! Most of us tend to worry for that is where Satan can hinder us from submitting everything to the hands and power of God through faith. Faith that will cause us to never worry of what tomorrow will bring and rest in His good and perfect will for sending us to a place we felt unpromising for us in many ways. May the God we serve who is greater than your worries help you grow in faith, hope and love everyday!!!

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