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by Joyful Lazo (33rd Batch)

We just had our class from 9 to 10 one Thursday morning. I was upstairs, looking out from the window of my classroom while waiting for my students for the next period when I saw a car heading to the church. Tim, an 8-year-old boy came running towards the car to meet his dad while his 10-year-old brother jumped out of the car and ran towards the stairs for the next class.

With a smile on his face, Tim got inside the car and told his dad, “Dad! I did well at the academy today. I got a hundred percent in our dictation!”

Without any reaction, his dad just turned down the road. Still smiling, he shouted to his brother, “Jason was absent today!”

His brother Luke just said, “응” (read as ‘eung’ and connotes to passivity) and went on his way to the classroom.

While the car was disappearing from my sight, Tim was still smiling despite the reactions he got from his brother and his dad. A little kid wasn’t discouraged though he wasn’t appreciated.

Sometimes we feel like we had already worked so hard in our assigned mission fields yet everybody doesn’t care about what we did. Thus, pretty soon we get discouraged.

But just like that little child, it doesn’t matter if we are appreciated or not. What matters is that God could smile at the things we are doing.


6 thoughts on “Invincible

  1. Te joyful,thank you so much for this..it does really help me to smile even though i feel like a mere dummy here in my mf..

  2. Amen and Amen!!! Doing things wholeheartedly for God and God alone most of the times left unnoticed and unappreciated by those we came to serve and love. But God Himself didn’t come to receive the lauds and praises of men but in all areas seek to glorify His Father who sent Him to ransom and tell the world that there is now hope for the hopeless and life eternal to those who chose to believe on what He did for them. As we seek to daily give our best for Him may His love and compassion will inspire us to do it with everything we got though many won’t appreciate it!!! Thanks a lot for this Joyful dear!!!

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