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Pass It On

by Myrthel Gay Fabiala (37th Batch)

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV)

Nurturing and rearing a child is a huge responsibility given by God to parents. It is a commitment to God on how to mold, educate, and raise a child in a Godly manner. Ellen G. White said: The early training of children is a subject that all should carefully study. We need to make the education of our children a business for their salvation depends largely upon the education given them in childhood. At an early age the minds of children are very susceptible to impressions of good or of evil. It requires earnest thought and prayer, no less than patient, persevering effort.

In this matter, I can proudly say that my parents have done their duty perfectly.

I grew up in a devoted Seventh-day Adventist family. My parents were very particular in attending church services and Scripture reading. My mom who used to be a teacher in an Adventist school reiterates to us the importance of keeping the Sabbath holy as well as the good values of being an Adventist. I would say my mom is a virtuous woman. She nurtures us according to God’s way. Every time we have our morning worship, I would always complain. But instead of getting mad at me, she would just say, “God will bless us for serving Him.”

My parents also give importance to Christian education, believing that it would help sharpen my faith in God. Financial constraints never deterred them from sending me to an Adventist school where I finished my degree.

During my college years, I’ve been through a lot of challenges–those that made me weak as a Christian. There were times when I really wanted to give up, but my supportive mom was always at my back cheering me up, inspiring me with words of encouragement that invigorated my spiritual aspect as well. She once told me not to doubt God’s plan for me; that I must have faith in Him, entrust all my worries and cares unto Him. Her unwavering advices kept me going. It helped strengthen my relationship with God.

Having experienced those trials somewhat helped me grow as a worthy individual. I’ve learned to take risks, believing that God won’t let me down. Growing like Jesus isn’t easy as we may think but as we start to walk with Him, to know Him better, we will eventually imbibe His attitude.

As a missionary teacher here in Korea, I handle kids of different ages. I consider myself lucky for I now have the chance to pass to these little angels the teachings on how to possess a Christ-like character and grow like Jesus. Though adversities keep on coming, I am not afraid for God’s guidance and mercies are with me!


One thought on “Pass It On

  1. Amen!!! Growing and helping others to grow like our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ is the the greatest achievement and maturity that a Christian can possibly attain in this life. With the Comforter ever before us we will gain victories over victories to our seemingly hopeless situation. May His strength be made perfect in your weakest now and always!!! Praises and glory be to Him forever and ever, Amen!!!

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