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The Guiding Light

by Maria Eleofe Magtahas (36th Batch)

Being a missionary living in a countryside offers much opportunities. One can make friends–lots of them. As for me, I make friends with my “kababayan” Filipinos.

I am really blessed with understanding, caring, and loving friends. They would often invite me to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with them. They  share their various activities with me like apple picking, for instance. They even helped me avail of the free Hangeul (Korean language) lessons in the multicultural center here in our place.

I attend Hangeul class twice a week. Oftentimes, my friends would treat me to lunch after class. It is during this time that I would have the chance to talk with them. They share their different life experiences, especially about their respective marriages. And I share my own stories, too.

One time after class, I was invited for lunch with my two friends. While we were preparing the food, one of them said that she had a nightmare. I asked her if she had prayed before she went to sleep. She said, “Yes, I prayed.”

Then I asked her how she prayed.

My friend was a devout Roman Catholic. She just memorize her prayer. I told her that praying to God is not merely memorizing words. We must pray with sincerity of the heart. And I also told them the right way to pray as what Jesus had taught his disciples in Matthew 6:5-15. I told them that whenever we pray we must always recognize the power of God, ask His forgiveness, and tell Him everything that we want Him to know.

Before we ate, I asked that I would pray for the food first. After I prayed, I told them to do the same–not memorizing it but simply telling God what is in the heart.

The next time we were together for lunch, one of my friends suggested, “Let’s pray first.”

I was so happy to hear it. My friend remembered to seek God’s presence and she did it in the right way.

Matthew 5:16 tells us “to let our light so shine before men.” And these men are just around us. They might be our students, our students’ parents, our friends, or even our new found friends who do not know the truth about God yet.

Jesus also said, “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world” (John 9:5). As Christians, we bear this light.

Chosen light bearers of Jesus Christ must make use of every single minute by letting their light shine. In this sinful world, we must keep our lamps burning and walk in the light. By this, we could guide those who are still living in the darkness into the path of that glorious heavenly light.


One thought on “The Guiding Light

  1. If we let God use all that we have, the means and ways to reach others in their own unique ways, God can give us power that we alone can impossibly accomplish!!! May the King and Lord we serve empower you with His mercy, grace and love to do greater things for His name’s glory!!! Praise God for this gang!!!

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