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Doing the Mission ‘Til Accomplished

by Analiza Maluya (35th Batch)

During my first year of service as a missionary here, I struggled a lot. I was struggling as to how I could invite and win souls for God. I even struggled whether I should extend my missionary term or not.

For the first three months, I only had one Bible student. But by constant prayer and supplication, God has given me five more and another two at the end of the term.

By the grace of God, almost all of them were interested to have their own Bibles. They even bought some for themselves! Then many changes took place in their lives, especially in their lifestyle. In fact, four of them are already attending the church every Sabbath.

On the 8th month of our Bible study, we discussed about baptism. I asked them of their decisions but it was not that easy. I just left everything to God and believed that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts.

Several times during our Bible study, my students and I would cry upon knowing the truth. But then again, whenever we would talk about baptism some would slowly evade the class.

None accepted Him at that time. It would often discourage me and consequently made me ask, “Do you still need me here, Lord?”

But one day after my English class, one student-mom came and said, “Ann, please give me more time to decide. I’m so confused. I like your church and I believe that God really exists. The problem is that when I told my mother and my sister about the joy I had experienced while attending our Bible-English class and coming to your church during Sabbaths, they were very angry at me. They told me that if I choose to become a Christian, I might as well forget that I have a family to go back to!”

This news made me both sad and happy. It reminded me of extending my term. Should I leave her and the others, I would really miss the chance of sharing to them the truth about our Living God. And so I decided to hold on to the mission until it is accomplished! Once a missionary, always a missionary!


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