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by Elisa Geollegue (36th Batch)

 Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Exodus 20:8

I was in a hurry one Friday afternoon to buy some stuff for the missionary meeting. I started to study my map for it was my first time to go to the place. As I arrived at my destination, I was enticed by the beautiful things around me. I kept on checking the time so I could go home before sunset. Time flew so fast for it was almost 6 o’clock, but I still wanted to go around so I kept on giving myself extensions, not minding the still small Voice in my head saying “Go home. It is already Sabbath.

Only when I had felt so tired did I decide to go home. But wait! Something is missing! Ah! Where is my wallet? Oh no! How can I go home? I did not have any money, even a single cent in my bag! I started to feel scared; I was shaking while I walked back to every store I went into. But it was nowhere to be found! Oh no! I should have listened to You, Lord! Now I have to spend my night here and wait until my partners will look for me. I could not call them as well because I don’t have a phone and I did not have any phone number of anyone that could help me. I stopped for a moment and prayed sincerely. After I prayed, I felt a little bit comforted. So I went on looking for my wallet again.

Once in a while, I would close my eyes and whisper a prayer. Lord, I’m in great trouble because of my stubbornness, forgive me and help me. I stopped at the corner of a store and when I opened my eyes and lifted my head, I saw something familiar! “That’s my wallet!” I shouted. Then the sales lady handed the wallet to me smiling!

I have never been glad all my life!  Thank You, Lord for your mercy. I went home learning a lesson and preaching to myself!

Sometimes we act like criminals, robbing God’s precious time with our own selfish motives like surfing the net, doing the laundry, going to the grocery, ect. Friday afternoons seem very long; we tend to convince ourselves that it is not Sabbath yet. But when Saturday comes, we tend to shorten the time and say that it is already sunset even though the sun is still up smiling and shining so bright. It is so sad that most of the time we reason to justify our selfish acts. The time of sunset and sundown here in Korea differ from the time of sunset and sundown in the Philippines mainly because of the seasons, but wherever you are always remind yourself about the principle of the Sabbath.


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