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ECKCians Long to be Responsible Watchmen

Twenty-eight missionaries gathered during the Midterm Spiritual Retreat of the East Central Korean Conference last September 28-30 in Deer Mountain, Cheongpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The theme, “Watchman: Blow the Gospel Trumpet,” was based on the text found in Ezekiel 3:15-21. The said spiritual revival of the missionaries was supervised by the ECKC Youth Director Ptr Kim Giyoung and programs were coordinated by representatives from its sub-territories, the ECKC1 and ECKC2 respectively. During the Opening Program, Pastor Choi Hoyoung KUC Youth Director gave a message about working in the Lord’s vineyard. Then, the missionaries had a wonderful time experiencing the act of humility by washing each other’s feet beside the river bank in the cool of the night. “It’s my first time to experience such an activity. Being closer to nature gives me more opportunity to meditate and humble myself before my Creator,” said one of the attendees. Communion service followed after the foot-washing.

Before the sun rose in the cool Sabbath morning, the missionaries gathered within their small group for the GT. It was focused on the theme, “Watchman: Blow the Gospel Trumpet.” Through the deep study of the topic, missionaries were able to feel the urgency of the calling to be  watchmen of God. Part of it was a 45-minute meditation and prayer where missionaries looked for a place to commune with God. Others went to the river bank and knelt on the rock while meditating with the music produced by the flowing river, cool breeze and chirping birds.

In the Sabbath School, selected missionaries presented their CV Project, “My Story My Song.” Others gave their testimonies, too. They were so inspired by the testimonies that some of them had teary eyes while listening. During the Hour of Worship, Pastor Choi Hoyoung, the guest speaker, continued his presentation about working in the Lord’s vineyard.

The pre-AY Program was celebrated in The Garden of the Morning Calm where missionaries had a glimpse of the gift of God through nature enhanced by man. The program proper followed at the outdoor amphitheater of Deer Mountain Church under the pines. There, missionaries’ talents were rendered by different batches. The director of the 1000 Missionary Movement, Pastor Park Kwangsu also gave a short encouragement message with the tag line, “If you want to go fast, walk alone but if you want to go further, walk together.”

The Midterm Missionary Retreat of the ECKC closed after the giving of certificates and tokens. Celebrations of its success followed in the evening with lots of fun games, surprises, jokes and food.

The missionaries of the ECKC went back to their respective mission fields bringing with them the Light to share with the world as watchmen of God.

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