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True Happiness by God’s Blessings

By: Yohan Mao

But seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:23


God is a God of mercy and He is a great Giver for those who seek Him with the sense of great need of Him.

Step1: Seek First His kingdom
This is the first step for those who need great supplies from God because the last words assure us that, “all these things will be given to you.” These words signify a promise that will surely happen in the future.
In a kingdom, there must be a king, and God is the King who owns every good thing; therefore He can supply every person’s needs that come to seek His help. God is a generous Giver and He will give us anything without holding back that will bring us joy and satisfaction. We can surely have confident and trust in Him because He is the King that doesn’t alter His words.

Step 2: Seek His righteousness
The kingdom that prospers and has peace, happiness and joy is the kingdom that is well organized under the leadership of a good and diligent King. God invites us not only to seek Him but to learn also the knowledge and the principles of His righteousness, “In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and Knowledge.” Colossians 2:3. He uses them for the prosperity of His kingdom as well as for His people to enjoy peace and happiness under His reign.

Step 3: All These Things will Be Given to You as Well
After seeking His righteousness, the King assures us that all the things that belong to Him will be given to us. It means that we are to learn the right ways of using His properties to supply the needs of His people that will bring them joy peace and happiness. We need to recognize that all the blessings given to us come from Him and we are to use them for His glory; thus, we are to use them to supply the needs of others as He did to us. If we understand the right method of using His blessings for us and use them for His glory, it will help us to grow like Jesus. We then can also help others recognize that God is the Source of all true happiness, peace, joy and prosperity. They will not only draw closer to Jesus but they will make room for Him to be the King who will reign in their lives.


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