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One True Desire

By: Sheriza Letran Yubal

Whom have I in heaven but you and besides you I desire nothing on earth.” Psalm 73:25


Desire is a powerful word. It triggers the impulse that shapes our actions; it’s the fuel that drives us to do our best every day. It’s the substance of our dreams, and the harder it takes to get it, the more satisfying it looks. Desires are vital for complete happiness in life. To different people, desires come in different forms. To those who are suffering, comfort. To the poor, abundance. Morbid people desire vigor and health. The unappealing desire beauty. Lonesome people desire company. And there are those who desire freedom –to express their passion for adventure, material things and pleasure.
But not every desire is from the Holy Spirit even though it seems right and good. It’s hard to be sure whether it’s a good spirit or a bad one that prompts us to desire something. Whatever your mind sees as good desire, in the fear of God and humility of heart, commit the whole matter to Him and say: “Lord, you know what is better for me; let this be done as you please. Deal with me as you know best. Place me wherever you want in your own time and way. Deal with me freely on all things. Not for myself do I desire to live, but for you so that I could live worthily and perfectly!”


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