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Feed God’s Sheep

By: Pearl Jenkins

 He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my sheep.”

Pearl Jenkins

Although my husband and I may not be a part of the 1000 Missionary Movement, it has been a great privilege to participate with the WCKC missionaries here in Korea. It has truly enhanced our spiritual walk and increased our faith. We believe that regardless of our occupation, the Lord has called each one of us to harvest. Prior to joining the WCKC missionaries, we had difficulty gathering others to do any evangelistic work. But now, we feel overwhelmed with joy knowing that there are young people burdened to do the will of God. When we met these missionaries, we were so impressed with their unity. They were so full of happiness and compassion for each other, that we felt as though we were experiencing heaven on earth. Since we have joined, we have participated in over six tract distributions and other special outreach events, but two stand out.

In the fall of 2012, God gave us the privilege of co-operating a Thanksgiving Banquet for needy children here in Korea with the WCKC missionaries. It was quite a huge task to attempt as we had only three months to find a place to host the event, donors for the food expense, shoes and clothes, but praise the Lord He was with us. In just the right moment, we were blessed when the Songuri SDA church Pastor approved the use of the church for such an occasion. Although we weren’t supported monetarily, we were still blessed that God provided all that we needed.

We will never forget the day before the event. It was a beautiful Sabbath day filled with trust and faith that God would provide for our needs. As we walked into our sleeping quarters, we found a large box that had been delivered the day before. It had been sent by the Korean Church back in the United States through a contact on Facebook. It had all 28 pairs of brand new shoes for each child that had been on our list. We were overjoyed in God’s goodness. Days prior we received packages here and there from our sponsors in the United States, but it wasn’t sufficient enough for all the children we had. Receiving this box was more than we could have ever imagined and we couldn’t help but praise the Lord for His unfathomable love. We knew that this event was truly His and it belonged to Him. He kept His promise “A father of the fatherless …is God in his holy habitation.” – Psalm 68:5

As we reminisce about that time, we remember a command from Jesus “…feed my sheep.” – John 21:16-17 Twice is Jesus quoted saying this for the sake of emphasizing its important principle – that we are to care for others. We are to show compassion without expectation of anything in return, but because we are called to a higher principle of duty. We are to carry out every task with delight no matter how tedious or insignificant it may seem in our sight.
It was Sunday, May 26th another tract distribution. Although we had attended quite a few, this one felt different. On previous distributions, it sometimes felt rushed as though we wanted to get rid of our material for the sake of emptying our hands, but not this day. The Lord’s spirit was with us. Before distributing, the members were divided into three groups. I was in group two along with four other missionaries. As we began, I felt the surge of intimidation filling me, but as we came up a hill towards a Korean Cancer Hospital, it was as though God said, “…feed my sheep.” Filled with encouragement, we prayed before we proceeded, trusting that God would help us to use our God given talents to bless people and that we would be able to give these precious literature into the hands of those who need hope. And that is exactly what God did. We all agreed to sing for these patients and give them a book. Although we weren’t permitted inside the building, we were allowed to roam the small outer courtyard where people were resting or exercising. I’ll never forget the first person we asked to sing to; an old woman sitting in her hospital pajamas being pushed in a wheelchair by her daughter. At first, the daughter refused, but after seeing us sing to another patient, she returned beckoning us to sing. As we sang, her mother closed her eyes and embraced the melody and harmony of our voices and it was like we stood among angels. From patient to patient we sang, each one so memorable, to note each one would fill these pages. Many of the patients, who received our books, read them eagerly. What a blessing to see our talents being used for God’s glory. For two hours we walked around singing and passing out literature. Later that afternoon at a university nearby, we had an opportunity to interrupt an all women’s barbeque; we sang for them and gave them literature. Even after we had emptied our hands of material, we continued to sing for those who were willing to listen. The last woman we sang for was sitting in a park on a hill with a cane laying beside her as she closed her eyes with her hands clasped together in prayer. We all agreed to sing for her and as we did, she closed her eyes and it was as though all of heaven came down to visit her. Reminding her that she is not forgotten, she is not alone.

These two distinct events are to articulate a very important message: feed God’s sheep. God’s flock don’t need the latest gadgets, they need Christ, the gospel, the message of hope that there is a God who loves them. And even if the moment is just a second, it is in that second that we can make a difference. The needy children, the old, the young are all needing to be fed. Be the person who is willing to bring the Bread of Life to them and use the given talents that God has entrusted to you to do it.


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