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My Flesh Shall Rest in Hope

By: Jean Venus Alqueza

…My heart rejoices, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope: Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance” (Acts 2:26-28 KJV).


There was once a girl who had been a victim of sexual abuse by her own father. It started in her early years as an elementary student. She could still recall how her father threatened her if she would tell anyone. “I will kill you and your mother!” Those words kept her mum about the situation. She hated her father so much that it came to the point of wanting to kill him. But when she started to go to church with her grandmother every Saturday, she slowly realized that killing is a sin.
The influence of the church gave her a new light and hope; a light that would give her peace and hope and a brighter future. She knew that God had a greater plan for her, and she did not lose that hope.
The abusive act lasted when her mother knew it. She was in third year high school then. She was so thankful because there were a lot of cases like she had that resulted to prostitution and suicide, but in her part, she was fully aware that it was just one of the challenges she would eventually get through.
After high school, her cousins helped her to get a degree. She studied to one of the Seventh-day Adventist schools. There she received much greater light that gave her a heart to accept Jesus as her Savior and was baptized. But the past haunted her, she couldn’t sleep at night because of the horrible experience she had—it was a nightmare.
The school has a prayer garden that paved way for her to have a better and closer relationship with God. The school’s atmosphere influenced her bothered mind to have a positive outlook in life no matter what. Her years spent in that school gave her a clearer vision of God’s purpose in her life.
After she graduated from college, she decided to join the 1000 Missionary Movement. She wanted to dedicate her life to God and to influence people to be hopeful and to do the same thing—to submit their lives to God. And one of the main reasons why she joined the movement was for her to be able to forgive her father completely. Unfortunately, while on training, her father died.
“I was longing how to be loved by a father; I was ready to give him a second chance, but he died. I lost the chance to say that I forgave him and that I love him. When I learned about God, I didn’t doubt His love that filled the love I longed since I was young. He’s a Father of all fathers: a father who offers His love to the unloved; and gives hope to the hopeless.”
Yes, that young girl was me. I learned to face the giants of life when I knew that God is bigger than those giants. He gave me peace of mind that blocked my nightmares; He gave me a quiet heart to forgive my father; and He granted me loving people to accept my past.

4 thoughts on “My Flesh Shall Rest in Hope

  1. What an amazing story how God’s grace can change a person. Each person has a story, and each story has a purpose; and that is to inspire others also to have a closer connection with Christ.

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