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God Is Enough

By: Lorilei Flores

When my soul fainted within me I remembered the Lord: and my prayer came in unto Thee,into Thine holy temple.” Jonah 2:7


Reaching another mission field where I would be serving for a year, a bothering thought crept into my mind, “Am I ready for this?” I felt so unworthy to be in my new mission field in Korea because I knew that my heart and mind weren’t completely prepared for it. And besides, my parents disagreed with my decision due to the increasing tensions between North and South Korea. They said that it was too risky and it would be better if I just stayed in the Philippines. I knew that God was calling me so I earnestly prayed for my parents. I asked God to let them understand His work and be assured that He won’t forsake me especially in times of troubles. I asked God for the Holy Spirit to empower me and give me the same passion as I had when I was serving in my first mission field in the Philippines. Though I already entrusted everything to Him, negative thoughts still bothered my mind like the denying or blocking of my visa at the immigration. But when we got there, everything went smoothly and I reached my designated mission field on the set date.

At first, everything seemed so difficult. As I mentioned, I was emotionally unprepared and the language barrier even made the situation worse. The feeling of loneliness and pain soaked my bed with tears. Sometimes I thought of giving up but then I decided to cast all my cares to God in prayer. And from then on, I have found relief.

Indeed, it is when we are in difficult situations that God reveals His power and wisdom as an answer to our prayer. I may not have my friends or loved ones to comfort and encourage me but I have God’s words written in my heart and there I find solace. It was during the difficult times in my life when I came to realize that God is indeed, enough.


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