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Stand Up!

By: Jennifer Bante

To make an apt answer is a joy to a man, and a word in season, how good it is! Proverbs 15:23


You’ll never appreciate a kind word more than when you badly need it. Isn’t it good to hear a word in season? I have tasted its goodness!
It was a bad day for me. I was still on the period of adjustment on my first month here in Korea. My Middle School students were so naughty and disrespectful. Worse, I had to teach nine hours that day so my patience was pushed to the limit. Homesickness, physical exhaustion and negative thoughts started to creep in to me as I got in the taxi on my way home. I never thought that my desire to serve this group of students would turn out to be like this. I was trying to stop myself from breaking down so I took deep breaths, not minding the driver.
Just then the taxi driver tried to talk to me. I understood a little Korean so I just kept on listening while giving slight nods. Then he handed me a piece of paper with a Korean song written on it. I didn’t understand anything but then he went on singing the song. I felt so much comfort in my heart that I could not explain. I cried silently before I drifted off into sleep in the taxi’s backseat due to exhaustion.
When I reached home, I immediately asked my “samonim”, the pastor’s wife, to translate the song for me. The song is entitled “Stand Up” and I’d love to share the translation of the lyrics;
“In this time that you cannot stand, the Lord is working.
Even though others faint because they are tired, still stand up.
Only you stand up, cheer up, because the Lord is holding your hand!
If you believe the Lord is with you, you can win any difficulties.
Don’t complain why these sorrows came to you.
Only thank God you have more grace than what you’ve lost.”
I couldn’t help but praise God for this amazing song! I was brought to tears once again. However, this time I felt at peace because I know God spoke to me in an unexpectedly wonderful way. That song came from a person who didn’t know my struggles, yet he was used mightily by God in a simple way. You see, I have kept that song until now and I could not forget my experience on that day. This piece of music will serve as a reminder for me to extend kindness in words and in deeds to others.
Let us not neglect every opportunity to speak a word in season and share inspiration, encouragement, and comfort to the people we encounter in our mission field. We can never tell how God could possibly use us.

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