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by: Melvin Baclay

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.” Philippians 3:20-21


When I scroll down through my timeline, all the way down to the cold morning of April 8, 2007, I can see that the road I’ve taken wasn’t at all smooth nor was it straight. Like many others, I’ve also gotten into humps and bumps and rough roads. There were times when the road got cold, snowy and slippery. Thus, I fell and failed, but praise the Lord for lifting me up again and again. Was there a time when I wanted to stop and go back home? Yes, many times in fact.

It is not uncommon for most of us that when Seasonal Affective Disorder strikes, our anxiety level heightens and everywhere we look spells sadness–then our hearts shout for home. When faced with adversities and trials, we desire to be home to feel the comforting touch of our loved ones. When people and circumstances conspire to make us feel useless, stupid, unwanted, used, mistreated or disrespected, all we could wish for is to have a superpower to teleport and be home in an instant. For we know that home offers love, emotional security, understanding and acceptance to heal our bruised spirit.

Looking at it through a wider lens, I can see that it is somewhat a reflection of a certain angle of our christian walk.

You see, we left the broader road we used to travel on and moved to a narrow one. And while it is narrow, it gets rough and bumpy and slippery at times. Time and again, we are faced with adversities and obstacles too challenging to surmount. Then we pant and gasp, and long for that paradise, the promised home that offers peace, joy and the much longed-for rest. We travel on, and along the way we get hurt by people or circumstances. Then again, we wish to be home–in heaven where the loving touch of our Savior heals all the pains and vanishes the scars; where love, only love is the language spoken by the redeemed souls.

We all want to be home, but it seems like we still have to wait–but not for long, for sure. While waiting, let’s get ourselves busy inviting others to travel the same road with us, narrow it may be, because in here there’s hope for a far better life ahead. Let’s tell others that although the road is narrow, there’s joy and peace in every step we take because the One who leads is the Way Himself.

I’m going home at last, after more than six years. Although there was no triumphal skipping in the room when my boss told me that my flight had already been booked, my heart was actually skipping in excitement to see some familiar faces; to see my nieces and nephew whom I haven’t seen yet; to visit places which were witnesses of some unforgotten memories; and to see the faces of those who were part of those memories.

Nevertheless, I am more excited with my flight to heaven. I’m thrilled to be lifted up smoothly, slowly, miraculously, passing by the clouds and the moon and stars. And it thrills me even more to think when I’ll finally get the view of that colossal kingdom shining in its full glory waiting for me and you. The sparkling pearly gates will be opened and the angels’ heavenly voices will be heard. Then the Son of God, our loving Savior will stand from His throne to welcome those whom He died for. And we’ll hear Him say, “Welcome home, my children.” And there will forever be rejoicing in the paradise because finally, we will be sharing with our wonderful Creator His perfect love and the life eternal.


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