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The Whisper

By: Maylanie Paalisbo

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” John 10:27,28


I was going to my friend’s place one Thursday evening for a very important transaction. Before I left the house, a part of my mind was telling me to bring enough coins for the bus fare. But I just ignored it for I was confident that my bus pass had still enough money in it. While waiting for the bus, the small voice kept on telling me to go to the nearby store and have my card recharged. But again, I just ignored it because anyway, I had a 10,000 won bill.

The bus came, I got on and tapped in my card. While walking toward a vacant seat, I heard a shout from behind, then I got these strange stares from the passengers. I just ignored them and kept on walking. The driver kept on shouting which made me feel like he was calling me. When I looked back, I saw him looking at me, saying something I couldn’t understand. “I must have done something wrong,” I thought. “My bus pass, perhaps.” So I went back and tapped in my card again. I couldn’t understand exactly what the machine was saying but I suspected that my bus pass already needed a recharge. The driver asked 1000 won, but I only had 10,000 won bill. I tried to insert it to the machine but it wouldn’t accept it. The driver was already annoyed or even angry; all I wanted to do at that very moment was to disappear. Fortunately, a middle-aged woman handed me 1000 won. I immediately inserted the money to the machine which then quieted the driver.

I thanked the woman and I apologized to the driver. That experience, embarrassing as it was, has taught me a lesson more important than just having my bus pass charged all the time or bringing a thousand won bill whenever I have to take the bus. I am convinced that God allowed me to experience it to remind me of something that concerns life’s important matters.

At times, we tend to be so confident about ourselves, our faith, our spirituality or our “righteousness.” We sometimes feel we have enough of them to take us to where we want to go. This human tendency could lead us to ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit to constantly listen to Him; to always keep ourselves charged with Christ’s righteousness, so that our bus ride won’t lead us to embarrassment or even disappointment. Instead, by constantly listening to the Holy Spirit’s whispers, our bus ride would smoothly lead us to our desired destination, to that heavenly paradise where eternal happiness awaits the righteous.

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