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You Know Better Than I

By: Jenny Jane Pino

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” John 14:1


After my class, a call from my mom brought me to tears. I sat appalled thinking about the news that my “papa” was suffering from a life threatening drug reaction from the prescribed medicine for his kidney infection.

“How great is the love of God to you that you are still alive!” This was the doctor’s comment upon seeing my father which made me think that maybe I would no longer be able to see him. The doctor added that he had gotten 10 patients well cared in the hospital but only one survived. However, my outpatient father miraculously got to the hospital as if nothing had happened. God saved my father`s life. But things went from bad to worse due to the infection that was becoming serious, and a Major Surgery was the only better option.

Right after our conversation, I got on my knees and cried to God, begging to give my father a minor surgery instead because of the financial problem. Moreover, the major surgery couldn’t assure my father’s safety due to his heart enlargement and hypertension. But sadly, God didn`t answer my plea. After several days, the laboratory result showed that there were three rare kidney stones and were too big to be broken down by a minor operation. Again, I prayed to God, hoping for another intervention. But instead of pleading, I complained and questioned God why it had to happen when I chose to follow Him to serve here in Korea rather than practicing my profession. I could have been with my father to take care of him. Then I added, “God, major surgery costs a big amount of money. Lord, please help me to ask all my savings from my “Samonim”(Pastor`s wife) for the operation.” I was confident that this time God would regard my prayer. But I ended up dismayed. “Samonim” couldn`t give me my whole savings for some reasons. I prayed to God with complaints, “…How are we to attend the needs? Lord, I want to see my father again when I get back home.”

I almost lost hope because even my father wanted to put the operation off. In my distress, I even forgot that God had already showed miracles. But this favorite text of mine, John 14:1, reminded me and pushed me to have the operation done. So, I talked to my mom and she responded positively. She loaned money from the bank.

Weeks after, we pursued the plan without even thinking what would happen next. This time, I prayed earnestly without demands, “God, thy will be done, for you know what’s best for us. Save us!.” Then God`s great deliverance came upon us: First, the doctor offered some help by referring my father to his specialist friend to have the operation done there to assure the safety and to have professional fee lowered. And they did it on December 23, 2011 (My 6th month in Korea). The operation was successful without any complication and the recovery was faster than expected. Second, the members at Junghwa-dong SDA Church, the church where I’m serving, raised money and paid half of the total amount of the operation which was the reason why Samonim didn’t give me my savings. My co-missionaries wholeheartedly gave a hand as well. Indeed, God clearly orchestrated the entire event far better than what I had asked for. And He showed that everything is under His control. So, let NOT your heart be troubled. Believe and always believe in Him.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFPXljeseY0&feature=youtu.be You Know Better Than I ( Click the link to watch the video.)



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