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There’s No Such Thing as Fairy Tale

By: Lorilei Flores

Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


When I was a kid, I was fond of watching fairy tales and I even dreamed that when I would become a lady, I’d have my name changed to Cinderella since she was my favorite character. My young mind back then was blown by those fantasies being the fairest of all the ladies in the land, respected by all kinds of people, sitting on an elegant throne, and wearing exquisite dresses. I loved dwelling on those things! But only those things that were favorable in the life of a princess like Cinderella.

Then I grew up as a lady and have forgotten about my silly dream of imitating my favorite character’s name and lifestyle. I have lived in the realm of reality and have totally lived a life of satisfaction in the service of my God. I have engaged in missionary works and have gained confidence that I can do things through Him who gives me strength. I have served for a year on a mission field where I sensed the real meaning of being a co-worker of God–being able to minister to the needs of the people around us and being able to lead some of them to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. So then, because I have seen how God had been faithful to me during that year of service, I accepted His calling for me to serve in a foreign land for another year. I reached Korea having the thought that God would certainly use me as an effective missionary teacher since I knew that I would be an English teacher here and would deal with children most of the time.

On the first few months of my stay, I knew I was an English teacher. I taught English on a tutorial basis and I felt fulfilled with what I was accomplishing.

Time passed and something started to shake my peace. My “mother” would interrupt my class and would ask me to clean somewhere or help out in the kitchen. I just did it without complaining. It happened about countless times making me a teacher-turned-helper in the Center and even in their house. I then felt like I was on the state of mild regression remembering my favorite childhood fairy tale character–that her life didn’t start out as princess anyway. She was mistreated by her wicked stepmother and two evil stepsisters. Feeling some sort of depression, I viewed this family I was living with exactly like those wicked characters in the life of Cinderella, and I was Cinderella.

I was living the life of my favorite character but not the one I dreamed of, because it was definitely the opposite. I felt degraded.

For a time, I tried not to look at my situation like that of Cinderella’s. From fantasy I pivoted back to reality and recalled how God worked in my life in the past, trusting that He would help me get through it as well. I cast my cares on God and eagerly put much time in having constant connection with Him. He guided me to escape the fairy tale mode I was in.

Through prayers I have learned to view and react to negative situations positively. I have learned to apply the known 90/10 rule: that is, 10% of what’s happening around you is inevitable yet the 90% will be determined by your reaction to that certain situation. I have also witnessed that the God who helped me before during my trying times is the same God who helped me in my recent predicament.

Months later, I was able to live apart from the family whom I was staying with at first. A male helper is now working in the Center and so I’m back to being a teacher. God’s blessings never left me wanting. God knows the very lessons I need to learn in my life’s walk with Him. I never should have aimed for the life Cinderella lived, because I know that I really am a princess of the King of kings in that Heavenly home.

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