Shouts and Craze

by: Mark Lester Dondonay

“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” Ephesians 5:15-17 NASB


Lee Minho (이민호) is a famous Asia’s superstar from South Korea. One of his most watched dramas is “F4 (Boys over Flower)” in 2009 which was taped in English Village, an English school run by Korean SDA institution. The most recent drama is “The Heir” which captured TV viewers not only in South Korea but in other Asian countries like Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, China and Thailand. People religiously watched every episode released.

            As this famous drama was aired, I was one of the lucky ones to watch the shooting held in the city where I’m working as a missionary.

            It was a fine day. Even though it’s winter but it was not really cold. So I decided to go jogging in the morning. When I was going back to my apartment, I saw many people congesting near the intersection. At first, I thought there was an accident. I came to see what actually was happening. I pushed to the crowd. To my surprise, there were cameras, tripods, artificial rain, big reflectors and etc. “There must be a taping here,” I said. Out of curiosity, I waited for a little longer. Nobody could explain to me the real situation because not anyone could speak English. I just presumed actors must be famous to have many bystanders around.

            After a while, people started shouting and young ladies were giggling. I saw a man wearing a white overcoat. I wondered, “Who is he?” Onlookers started taking pictures of him secretly. Staffs around forbade them to take photos of the set but I got several photos of him and his leading lady, Jinhye Park. Although I didn’t know them, yet I felt like I was star struck. Later, I know that it was the famous Lee Minho. That was because I saw three students of mine rushing to see the taping of the scene when I decided to go back to my place. They skipped classes just to see their idols.

             The drama, “The Heir” was already finished but people still keep on talking about the story. I’ve only watched episode 17 where I was able to eyewitness the making of one of its scenes but I didn’t even finish it. I found the story addicted and maybe it’s the reason why people got stuck to it.

             Later that day, I posted a picture of Lee Minho on ‘Facebook’ that hit so many likes and comments. My friends were interested to talk about it. What was my feeling when I saw him, how does he look like, what was my reaction, is Jinhye Park beautiful were just among the many questions of my friends online.

            Nowadays, people are hooked to many forms of entertainment. Invite them to come to church and they would rather go to a movie theatre. Tell them to attend a free evangelistic meeting and they would rather choose to spend hundreds or even thousands of pesos to watch the concert of their celebrity idols. Ask them to study the Bible and they’ll feel sleepy. Give them link to access online programs of the 3ABN or Hope Channel and they’d rather spend most of their time surfing the net and associating friends in social media. There are a lot more to mention. To conclude, we spend most of our time on things that could give us temporal happiness. How long should we be blinded to it?

I’m not exempted to things I cited above. I also am a victim of the so-called pleasures of the world. Satan is subtly creeping into our souls by the use of these entertainments.

Do you have a laptop? How about a smart phone or an ipad or ipod? Is there a TV set in your home or an entertainment room? Can you access to wifi 24/7? These gadgets are not bad. They can be used as media to spread the Gospel of God. However, these tools are also used by Satan to degrade our spirituality. We don’t bow down to statues or images above, on or below earth but are these things considered idols? Yes, they are. Are we aware of it? Yes, we do but we neglect because we are enjoying. How much time do we spend in reading and praying every day? Let’s ask ourselves this common question again.

Idolatry is not only worshipping the graven images or so. It is depriving ourselves the time supposed to have communion with our God, the One who can give us everlasting happiness. Are you a victim? No, we are victims.